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Let me lay your mind to rest.

A moment of silence for Spaghetti Joe, the mature female mountain huntsman spider who took up residence in my home toward the beginning of autumn this year.

Spaghetti Joe - portrait
Mountain Huntsman Spider | Sparassidae | Isopeda Montana

Sadly, Spaghetti Joe passed away peacefully under the upstairs futon last week.

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It’s funny how freedom can make us feel contained.

Last month’s MAD Fashion Showcase went well!

MAD selfies
M.U.A. – Cassahra Rose | Headpiece – Cherry Pie Millinery

Hit the runway in a jacket by Von Chibi paired with jaunty hat by Cherry Pie and a 3-tiered jabot I’d whipped up in the week before the show.

3-Tier Spiderweb Jabot
3-Tier Spiderweb Jabot

Despite a fevered ability to take thousands upon thousands of photographs of invertebrates and interesting looking rocks, I’d left the camera at home that day, so only snapped a handful of vaguely unfocused selfies with the phone.

If you are interested in photographs (maybe also videos) from the runway, then please hit up the Facebook pages of Von Chibi Designs and Cherry Pie Millinery (whose works I was sporting) or that of Melbourne Alternative Designers to get a look at some of the many talented craftspeople this city has to offer!

Should you be interested in gratuitous closeup photographs of huntsman spiders then feel free to scroll on down and acquaint yourself with images of my energetic sparassidaughter, Spaghetti Joe:

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M.A.D. Fashion Showcase – 2017

Greetings friends, fiends, furs and foes!

The Melbourne Alternative Designers Fashion Showcase is coming up on Saturday the 25th of March (that’s this Saturday) at the St. Kilda Town Hall from 6:30pm through until 11:30pm. If you’re in Melbourne and interested in seeing some of our local designers strutting their stuff then come and check it out!

  • Tickets are around $40.
  • Please be aware that it is an 18+ event.

Further details can be found on the MAD Fashion Showcase website or Facebook event page.

This year I will be modelling some of Von Chibi‘s beautiful work on the runway once again and am very much looking forward to it!

MAD 2016
MAD Fashion Showcase 2016
Photo – Stephanie Mazur | Jacket – Von Chibi | Hat – Cherry Pie Millinery | MUA – Emily Rose

Hope to see you there!

Across the ages we have reigned as we endured.

All blog entries have been updated, so links and images should be back in proper functioning order. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

Other recent updates include removal of delayed image loading from both the blog and comic as it was being temperamental. Image loading times just weren’t enough of an issue to warrant arguing with it.

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With all the changes you’ve been through, it seems the stranger’s always you.

So, uh… Somebody paid for my brunch on Sunday and I have no idea who it was? Was it somebody I know? Or who knows Jun (since you paid his too)? Presumably if you’re an acquaintance you’d have said “hi” so maybe it was just one of those Random Acts Of Kindness people sometimes do? Then again, it was 11am on a Sunday and I’m not saying that my sleeping habits are Entirely Fucked™ but even on a good day I tend not to recognise people out of context so maybe you did try to say hi?
If so: I am very sorry for ignoring you.

In any case, I am still very confused, nonetheless, thank you.

Of course, being very confused is my natural state of existence, so.

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Bad as the world can get none of it’s permanent.

Let me prepare for the summer… by throwing up everywhere.

Jun suggests I should maybe just stop eating things that are visibly rancid, but he vastly overestimates my sense of self-preservation while equally underestimating the complicated relationship I have with food.

Besides, it isn’t as though my appetite for mouldy strawberries is at all diminished during the winter months, so do forgive me if I’m unwilling to lay blame solely on diet.

Point is, it’s been kind of a bad time recently.

So a few weeks ago, when a friendo messaged with a link to a GDC talk by John Romero regarding the history of id Software, that was exactly what I needed. Classic id Soft feels never don’t bring me joy. Heck, my first VR experience was playing Doom with my brother in the mid 90’s on what I’m fairly certain was a Forte VFX1. Though the memories are hazy at best (Where were we? Who did it belong to?), I distinctly remember the handheld “Cyberpuck” controller, thought that shit was the wildest mouse I’d ever seen. Blew my heckin’ mind. Wish I could show 7yr old me a Cintiq, the concept of a stylus would probably put that kid in cardiac arrest.
But that’s neither here nor there.

What a delight, when the popularity of the Commander Keen series is mentioned around the 6-minute mark, to see a handful of cosplayers pop up in the accompanying slideshow, and find my own emo trash face amongst them. Tears of Real Emotion™ just about pooled in my cold dead eyes. Okay, maybe not that far, but I was rather chuffed.

In any case, if you’re down for some PC gaming history I highly recommend giving it a watch:

Your picture perfect vanity.

Greetings friends, fiends, furs and foes!

Cherry Pie Millinery - preview selfie
Preview-selfie from last week’s rehearsal.

On Saturday the 24th of September I will be stepping out of the closet to join Von Chibi Designs and Cherry Pie Millinery once again, this time at the Fitzroy Town Hall for the fashion show during OzKinkFest’s 2016 Fetish Expo.

The doors will be open from 12noon with tickets costing around $25 each.

It all looks set to be a kinky day, so if you’re in Melbourne, over the age of 18, and into that sort of thing, maybe come check it out?

Or don’t, it’s really not up to me. You do you. Safe, sane, and consensual, my friends! Safe, sane, and consensual.

Mostly I just want to buy me some dicks.

Wait, what?

A habitually nervous reaction.

It seems, despite the genuinely suspicious quantity of condiments lining my pockets, I have made it back to Australia relatively unscathed* after spending the better portion of August in Japan.

I caught one of these in Animal Crossing.
“How is the weather there?” My father had asked.
“Cicadas.” Was my response.

Why on earth did I agree to cross the equator during August? That’s rhetorical, by the way; 35°C days with 95% humidity and a spot of mild typhoon toward the end there. Natural disasters are one thing but heat and I do not agree. Next time let’s shoot for February.

The Helpercats survived my absence (thanks to my parents for keeping an eye on them); though admittedly Claude screamed for 12 straight hours when we got back- only stopping due to the loss of her voice, while Hobes actively attepted to incapacitate me via concussion with the ferocity of his smooches.

Claude forgave my absence upon the realisation that luggage is comfortable for sits.

It is good to be home.
It was good to not be home.
It was, in many ways, frightening, to spend an entire month in direct contact with another human being, even if it was with the one I’ve been living with for the past six years, who already knows too much anyway. Though surprisingly, it was only quite recently that he genuinely managed to shame one of my hobbies.

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